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Wolfgang John
About me:
I am a Research Leader, scientist, and computer engineer with a background of around 20 years in the IT and telecommunications business - a majority of them in Cloud and network research. You can find a good overview of my research work through a detailed list of my publications. In this list, I try to have pre-prints of all my publications available for open acess. Every now and then, I also write about my work in the Ericsson Blog. On social networks, I am only mildly active on LinkedIn.

Currently, I work as Principal Researcher at Ericsson Research, focussing on Cloud & Edge computing system and platform concepts for both IT and telco applications (5G and beyond). Earlier, I was doing research around Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN), and network management.
During my graduate studies at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, I was active in the research field of Internet measurement, traffic analysis, traffic classification, and network security issues from the perspektive of backbone links. During this time, I was also a guest researcher at CAIDA (UCSD) in San Diego. At the very beginning of my carreer, I had the opportunity to gather first work experience in the operations department of a large cell-phone provider.

As a leader, I have a proven track record as project manager in big, publicly funded international research projects (e.g., EU FP7 projects SPARC and UNIFY), internal cross-organizational research programs, as well as focussed internal research projects. I have also developed successful research strategies on both unit and department level. During almost 4 years, I had the pleasure of learning a lot by leading, coaching, and mentoring team members and colleagues in the capacity as section manager.

As a scientist, my current role as principle researcher in network compute convergence allows me to actively contribute to the long term vision of Ericsson and Ericsson's research organization, and act as permanent expert in Ericsson Cloud patent board. I have a record of more than 50+ scientific papers on Edge, Cloud, NFV, SDN, network management, and traffic analysis; plus 10+ patents and patent applications. In terms of community activities, I am frequently participating in conference organization and program committees, as well as peer reviewing for noted scientific journals. I have experience in standardization through several technical contributions to IETF and ONF.

As a computer engineer, my technical skills span:
· Cloud & Edge computing and networking  
· Operating systems and distributed systems
· NFV and SDN concepts and technologies
· Wireless telecommunication systems
· Wired network technologies and protocols
· Network and system management, OAM
· Machine learning techniques
· Scripting and programming languages

Contact Details:
email:     wolfgang(dot)john(at)gmail(dot)com