HMS Multiplier Generator

This multiplier generator is capable of generating several kinds of multipliers that all have been based on the regular reduction tree of the High Performance Multiplier.

There are currently five different kinds of multipliers that can be generated:

The multipliers can be based on either a HPM reduction tree or Wallace reduction tree and the recoding circuit when generating modified-Booth multipliers are either the one presented by Yeh et al or Hsu et al.

When generating a modified-Booth or Baugh-Wooley Twin-Precision multiplier the operands have to be even numbers. For the modified-Booth Twin-precision multipier the operands have to be a power of four.

Operand width:
Multiplier type:
Booth recoder:
(only relevant when generating a Booth multiplier)
Reduction tree:
Insert pipeline register before final adder:
Insert pipeline register before reduction tree:
Adder: KoggeStone
Mode: VHDL
Mail address to where the generated multiplier will be sent:

More information about the multiplier techniques that the generator has been based on can be found in the following articles:

Magnus Själander, 2008
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